New Driveways and Groundworks in Basingstoke
How to Lay a Gravel Driveway

Thinking of having a new driveway laid? Wondering what the process of laying a gravel driveway entails? Here at GN Groundworks, we offer everything from property extensions to garden fencing, and specialise in laying driveways and garden patios. A well-built gravel path will enhance your front entranceway and serve as an attractive asset to your property. Many clients in the Basingstoke, Farnham and Petersfield areas hire us to lay gravel driveways, as we are renowned for our high standard of workmanship and fair prices.

Contact us today to find out more about our options. We never charge hidden fees and are proud to provide a high quality service for homeowners in the local area. Here is how we lay our gravel driveways:

Planning and Equipment

At this early stage, it is important to mark out precisely where you intend to place your new driveway. With many different shapes and configurations available, you should consider whether you would like flower beds and/or a low wall as a border.

Tools and equipment should be gathered, including:

  • Measuring Tape

  • String Lines

  • Shovels

  • Spades

  • Metal Rakes

  • Wheelbarrows

Use the aforementioned string lines and measuring tape to demark the area you wish to use for your new driveway. This will help further down the line once the real work begins. We can also replace your garden fencing for a fresh border. 

Digging and Levelling

This stage involves removing the current base and preparing the surface for the new gravel layer. As groundworks specialists who regularly excavate for projects such as property extensions and garden patios in the Basingstoke area, we can easily source the necessary equipment and aggregates needed. 

In order to prevent pooling water, we ensure that the surface is free of holes or divots. This is crucial for a well-laid driveway. We then create a sub base from an aggregate such as MOT Type 1. This provides support for heavy vehicles overhead.

Final Steps

The final steps include fitting a weed membrane. A weed membrane, such as one made from geotextile fabric, stops weeds flourishing on your driveway, which ensures a neat and well-kept look. 

We then lay the gravel. This is usually done by heaping piles of gravel from a bulk bag and then dispersing it with the use of a rake. A relatively fast process, it usually takes less than a day, depending on the size of your new driveway. 

The premier option in the Basingstoke area, we offer a range of solutions for your home, including garden patios, garden fencing, property extensions and much more. Choose GN Groundworks for a friendly local company on which you can rely.

Contact us today on 01420 475 912 or 07785 375 532 for more information on our new driveways and groundworks in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.