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New Driveways and Garden Patios | How Our Services Can Increase Property Value

Are you researching ideas for new driveways, garden patios or garden fencing? Or are you in the early stages of planning a large-scale construction project, like one of our property extensions? At GN Groundworks, we provide a wide range of home improvement and development services. Whether you want to make a great home all-but perfect, or you plan to increase your Farnham property’s market value before selling in the future, our team can deliver results in line with any specification.

Below, we have focused on the latter motivation: i.e., creating a home with a higher resale value. Of course, there’s no guaranteed way to increase your home’s worth as there are always external variables at play.

As such, we have looked below at what you can expect from our services as a general starting point.

Can Our Services Increase Your Home’s Value?

Property Extensions

Extending your home is a tried-and-trusted way of improving your Farnham property’s market value. As many as 7 out of 10 homeowners in the UK are dissatisfied with the amount of space they have. Logically, then, a larger home will provide a more appealing prospect for a buyer. This is especially true when you factor in the smaller size of neighbouring properties. However, you must also consider your area’s estimated ceiling price before committing to your project.

The final figure of any increase will depend on the quality and size of your extension. Indeed, quality is an important factor for new driveways, garden patios and garden fencing too.

Estate agents often base their valuation on the number of bedrooms, which explains why they are among the most popular kinds of property extensions GN Groundworks completes. The overall increase in square footage will also have an effect.

According to research by Nationwide, extending an average 3-bedroom house could add as much as 23% to its value.

New Driveways

Property owners have long held hard landscaping features like garden patios, garden fencing and driveways in high regard. The latter delivers an immediate increase to your property’s kerb appeal while creating a guaranteed off-street parking space.

As with property extensions, numerous variables make giving an accurate figure difficult. First, there is an array of materials to choose from, all with their own specific benefits. What one person likes, another might not be so keen on.

Second, there’s the availability of off-street parking. If your part of Farnham has restrictions, a new driveway has much more value to a house than a neighbourhood where parking is free and easy.

Virgin Money estimates that an attractive driveway can increase a home’s value by up to 10%.

Garden Patios

At GN Groundworks, we install patios in an array of materials and to impeccable standards. This is important, because the quality and durability of a new patio’s finish helps to create a better impression on buyers and estate agents.

Of course, the potential for increase isn’t in the same league as property extensions. Understandably, it’s more akin to a new driveway. However, personal tastes mean it’s impossible to suggest anything other than a figure between 5% and 10%.

Interestingly, “good quality patio or paving” came second in a list of garden features rated most likely to significantly add value to a property.

Garden Fencing

It’s harder to define a new fence’s ability to increase your Farnham property’s resale value. Again, there are the numerous variables at play. With fencing, however, there must be a clearly defined purpose. This spans a range of possibilities, such as increasing privacy and/or security, marking a boundary, keeping pets in and modernising or upgrading garden aesthetics.

If your new fence ticks all these boxes, it may increase your home’s value by as much as 20%.

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