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Covering Your Property Improvement Needs

Are you planning to upgrade various aspects of your Petersfield home over the coming years? Well-planned improvement projects completed to impeccable standards make a great home all-but perfect. In fact, these results are often the difference between a ‘forever home’ and a property you feel you may sell a few years down the line. At GN Groundworks, our range of services covers all your home improvement and development needs. This includes new driveways, garden fencing, garden patios and property extensions.

Improvements on a smaller scale involve sizeable investment and a degree of disruption. Of course, the wider your scope for development, the larger your investment becomes, and the more disruption you face. However, you can spread this out over multiple years to minimise interference with your daily life – and to help manage your budget.

No matter the vision for your home in Petersfield, you can rely on us to deliver it. From a standalone fencing installation to multi-year, property-wide upgrades, we do it all.

Below, we have looked at 4 ways GN Groundworks can improve your current home.

The Complete Home Improvement Package

In the Back Garden

The coronavirus pandemic has changed numerous aspects about the way we live our lives. One of these is a greater appreciation for back gardens. Having a private outside space to relax, socialise and entertain in holds more appeal with homeowners than ever before.

As a result, an increasing number of people are reimagining gardens that they had neglected over the years. Garden patios are typically the focal point here, but garden fencing is important too. If you’re considering future options for property extensions, you must note that any new structure will eat into the land surrounding your home.

Much like a new driveway in the front garden, these two features at the rear of your property will immediately improve its appearance. But the benefits aren’t purely aesthetic.

With just as much expertise put into the groundworks as the surface itself, our garden patios and paving not only look great, but they also last for many years to come. We tailor a design to suit your specific design aspirations and lifestyle requirements.

Similarly, the perfect garden fencing installation sets the overall tone of a garden transformation while increasing, or maintaining, optimal privacy and security.

In the Front Garden

Front gardens typically receive less attention than those behind a home. They’re smaller and more exposed, so you’re less likely to spend any meaningful time in them. However, like property extensions, patios and fencing, a new driveway remains one of the most popular home improvement projects, both in Petersfield and across the UK.

Again, these installations have the ideal blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Due to its prominent placement in front of your home, a stunning driveway immediately improves kerb appeal. GN Groundworks supplies various market-leading materials, so you can also create a driveway that fits seamlessly with an existing design scheme.

Of equal importance, a new driveway also provides guaranteed off-street parking whenever you return home. This provides added peace of mind if you live in an area with parking restrictions, or a location where finding a spot is always a struggle.

Increasing Square Footage

After garden patios, garden fencing and other smaller scale upgrades, you may shift focus to increasing the amount of habitable space within your home. One of the best ways to do this is by extending it. GN Groundworks excels in property extensions of every kind, from extra bedrooms to home offices.

We manage your project from start to finish, ensuring your extension meets all your needs. It’s important to get every aspect of your extension right because it’s likely your Petersfield premises will only support one such addition.

By working closely with you from the outset, we ensure a clearly defined vision that delivers results, and benefits, across the short-, medium- and long-term.

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